A new expression of a timeless design

Shown: 1316FST Queen Storage Bed, 1101FST 3–Drawer Nightstand, 1180FST 6–Drawer Chest, 1128FST 10–Drawer Dresser, 1500FST Beveled Mirror.

For almost a decade, our McKenzie Bedroom collection has captured the hearts of many. We are pleased to introduce a more modern expression of this timeless design. Our new Fieldstone finish is a warm, translucent gray. It is captivating, sophisticated and lets the character of the American Alder hardwood reveal its subtlety. The subdued matte finish and antiqued pewter hardware brings a sense of serenity, calm and modernity all at the same time.

In addition to the design, what keeps this collection timeless is the old world craftsmanship. Features such as English dovetail drawer construction, mortise and tenon joinery and fitted backs provide structural strength and integrity. High quality full extension metal ball bearing drawer slides provide smooth and effortless access to spacious drawers and of course, there is the beauty and resilience of solid American Alder hardwoods.


Shown: 1370FST Queen Bookcase Storage Bed, 1374FST2 Bookcase Piers 2-Pack, 1128FST 10–Drawer Dresser, 1500FST Beveled Mirror.

Shown: 2316FST Queen Mantel Storage Bed, 1100FST Small 3-Drawer Nightstand, 1180FST 6-Drawer Chest, 1183FST 75″W Master Dresser, 1505FST Rectangular Mirror.



Glazed Antique Cherry
McKenzie Queen Storage Bed 1316FST 1316GAC 1316CAF
McKenzie King Storage Bed 1326FST 1326GAC 1326CAF
McKenzie Queen Petite Storage Bed 2376FST 2376GAC 2376CAF
McKenzie King Petite Storage Bed 2386FST 2386GAC 2386CAF
McKenzie Queen Mantel Storage Bed 2316FST 2316GAC 2316CAF
McKenzie King Mantel Storage Bed 2319FST 2319GAC 2319CAF
McKenzie Queen Bookcase Storage Bed 1370FST 1370GAC 1370CAF
McKenzie King Bookcase Storage Bed 1375FST 1375GAC 1375CAF
McKenzie Small 3-Drawer Nightstand 1100FST 1100GAC 1100CAF
McKenzie 3-Drawer Nightstand 1101FST 1101GAC 1101CAF
McKenzie 6-Drawer Chest 1180FST 1180GAC 1180CAF
McKenzie 9-Drawer Dresser 1127FST 1127GAC 1127CAF
McKenzie 10-Drawer Dresser 1128FST 1128GAC 1128CAF
McKenzie 75″W Master Dresser 1183FST 1183GAC 1183CAF
McKenzie Beveled Mirror 1500FST 1500GAC 1500CAF
McKenzie Rectangular Mirror 1505FST 1505GAC 1505CAF
McKenzie Queen Bookcase Headboard 1372FST 1372GAC 1372CAF
McKenzie King Bookcase Headboard 1377FST 1377GAC 1377CAF
McKenzie Bookcase Piers 2-Pack 1374FST2 1374GAC2 1374CAF2